Trip 1 Overview: Wangaratta via Wyperfeld NP, Hattah NP, Kerang, Terricks and Shepparton

31st December, 2020 Gear List Food + spare food – check Esky full of ice – check 20L jerry can full of water – check a car full of petrol – check personal locator beacon, GPS, maps, clothes, toiletries, camping gear, binoculars, bird books, vague plans about where I was going and what I hopedContinue reading “Trip 1 Overview: Wangaratta via Wyperfeld NP, Hattah NP, Kerang, Terricks and Shepparton”

Have car, will bird

So when I started thinking about what to call this blog, the phrase have gun, will travel came to mind – not entirely sure why. It turns out it (sort of) fits – according to the internet (and after a bit of late-night sleuthing which may or may not be accurate) people used to advertiseContinue reading “Have car, will bird”


So it’s now May and my plans of blogging my way through this year obviously haven’t happened to date (neither has launching this blog)… Tonight I dug up the original blog post I wrote before this year even started, wondering what sort of target I’d set myself for the year (turned out it was goContinue reading “Ahem.”

It Begins

(written 29 December 2020, finally visible 6 May 2021) SO I’ve decided I’m doing a birding big year in 2021 – Victoria, Australia-based only. At the age of 36, I finally have the means to get out and about all over the state and visit all the places and see many of the birds thatContinue reading “It Begins”

About Me

Hi, I’m Grace. I’ve been interested in birds since I was very little. I recently (finally) got my drivers license at the age of 36 and the world is now my oyster.

This is a blog about birding, camping, exploring Victoria (Australia) and all of the adventures I’m having along the way.

I’m also doing a Victorian big year which is a challenge in itself

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