Have car, will bird

So when I started thinking about what to call this blog, the phrase have gun, will travel came to mind – not entirely sure why.

It turns out it (sort of) fits – according to the internet (and after a bit of late-night sleuthing which may or may not be accurate) people used to advertise their ability to do a certain job by “have x, will travel” – i.e. they had the necessary equipment (gun), were able to travel and were up for almost anything.

Thinking about it, that almost exactly sums up this year. I have been a birder for a very long time, since I was little, with varying levels of enthusiasm and effort as opportunities have come and gone and various challenges in life have come my way.

In December last year, I finally (at the ripe old age of 36) bit the bullet and got my P plates, and 2 days later I picked up my first car, a Hyundai Kona. From the beginning I wanted a car that would enable me to get to some interesting places, and five months later I’m surprised and a bit stunned at just how many different places I’ve managed to get to!

My car, the day I picked it up, at the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve near Geelong. We went birding and I saw Common Bronzewings perched in a tree just to the right of this photo

So Have Car, Will Bird was born – my car was the last piece of equipment I needed to turn a hobby that’s always been there into a full-blown obsession.

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